Don’t shop from a search engine

If you Google “affordable health insurance,” you’ll see sites that promise instant quotes. Stay away from them. It’s impossible to tell which ones are legit, and you run the risk of getting a call from a telemarketer pushing junk. “Few licensed health insurance companies market to consumers in this way and even fewer sell directly to consumers,” says Mila Kofman, a research professor at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute and former superintendent of insurance in Maine.

Don’t respond to flyers on telephone poles, faxes, robo-calls, or late-night infomercials

Look up real plans at

On this federal website you can search for all legitimate licensed health plans sold to individuals in your state. But you can’t buy a plan directly from the site. (If you live in Massachusetts, the one state that already mandates health insurance for all residents, you can buy directly from its online health exchange, As of 2014, all states will...


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