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The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), signed into law by President Biden on March 11, 2021, makes health care coverage more accessible and more affordable to individuals and their families. Increased savings and lower premiums due to additional financial assistance will be available to current enrollees and eligible consumers who enroll in health care coverage certified by Connect for Health Colorado. The Exchanges may begin displaying the lower premiums as early as April.

The ARPA increases eligibility guidelines and eliminates the income eligibility ceiling for premium tax credits for 2021 and 2022. This means more Americans now qualify for financial help with Individual health care coverage purchased through Connect for Health Colorado.



We know our clients have questions about COVID-19 vaccines and we’re here to help. Our latest blog article, What Do Experts Say About the Vaccine?, provides information, advice and recommendations from trusted health and medical professionals on a variety of vaccine topics. Experts from the American Medical Association (AMA), Johns Hopkins Medicine, Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic weigh in on concerns about the quick development of the vaccine, post-vaccination activity, and more.

Visit Anthem’s COVID-19 Resource Center where you can find this and other news articles about COVID-19.

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We surveyed members to find out how they feel about COVID-19 vaccines and where they turn for vaccine information. View the results in our easy-to-read and share infographic. Download a copy of the PDF or cut and paste the url to share it with your clients.

Here are just a few of the insights from our survey:

  • Members of all ages, including 73% of millenials and 89% of those 75 and older, are willing to take the vaccine.
  • Members trust providers and health insurance companies twice as much as government institutions for vaccine information.
  • Most members expect to learn about vaccine availability from the CDC.
  • 65% of members expect their health insurance company to pay for their vaccine.
  • Members feel most comfortable receiving their vaccines from a doctor’s office or pharmacy.

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Last week, in accordance with the Executive Order issued by President Biden, the Department announced a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for individuals and families for Marketplace coverage in response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, which has left millions of Americans facing uncertainty and exceptional circumstances while millions of Americans have experienced new health problems during the pandemic. This SEP will allow individuals and families in states with Marketplaces served by the platform to enroll in 2021 health insurance coverage.

Beginning February 15, 2021 and through May 15, 2021, these Marketplaces will operationalize functionality to make this SEP available to all Marketplace-eligible consumers who are submitting a new application or updating an existing application. State-based Marketplaces (SBMs) operating their own platform have the opportunity to take similar action within their states.

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The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act offers more options for flexible spending accounts (FSAs), including Limited Purpose FSA, and dependent care accounts (DCAs) for participating Groups. We want you to be aware of these changes so you can help clients understand them. We’ll email your clients about them and include a DocuSign form where they can select their options.

Key options include:

  • Amending FSAs and DCAs to allow a carryover of unused money from 2020 into 2021 and from 2021 into 2022.

  • Longer grace periods for flexible spending accounts for plan years ending in 2020 or 2021.

  • Accounts can reimburse individuals who are no longer an active participant in the plan.

  • Employers can raise the last eligible age for children’s dependent care from 13 to 14 for the 2021 plan year.

  • Employers can amend plans to permit a change in election amounts for health and dependent care accounts ending in 2021 without a change in status or qualifying event.

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The federal government, under the umbrella of Operation Warp Speed, worked with researchers to develop COVID-19 vaccines faster than ever before, but this doesn’t mean safety measures were skipped. Here are some of the reasons why COVID-19 vaccines were developed faster than other traditional vaccines:

  • Advanced funding: The federal government gave funding to pharmaceutical companies in advance. This cut back on paperwork and administrative approvals so companies could get started on vaccine development sooner.

  • Pre-production of vaccines: Companies also started manufacturing vaccines ahead of their final authorization so some supplies could be ready for distribution as soon as they were recommended for use.

  • Messenger RNA technology: The first approved COVID-19 vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer are created with messenger RNA (mRNA). While...


Health insurance for you and your employees is a major decision for your business that will go a long way to protect your business interest and those of your employees. As a business, your employees’ well-being is a top priority if you want to keep the group highly motivated and increase production while reducing absenteeism and turnover rate.

A group health insurance plan helps you and your employees pay for healthcare expenses. It is a good and popular plan for a business with less than 50 employees and wants to take advantage of what comes with group coverage.

What Is a Group Health Insurance Plan?

This is a health insurance plan issued to a group like a business with employees. This covers all eligible employees and sometimes their dependents. With small businesses, the insurer determines a premium based on the risk factors balanced over the entire team using general information on members’ age and gender.

But, what makes the group health insurance plan so valuable to both your business and its staff? Here are some advantages of offering the group...


Do you make contributions to a plain old Health Savings Account??

Turn your HSA account into a Health Investment Account direct with either Fidelity or using to access an Ameritrade self-directed brokerage account w/ access 13K Mutual Funds. HSA is a ROTH IRA on steroids with a Triple Tax Savings. Contributions are pre-tax, money gains grow tax free, and money is withdrawn tax free for qualified medical expenses.

HSA Investment Fact Sheet

  • 2021 Max Contribution Limits: $3,600 Individual $7,200 Family. Money rolls over every year

  • A growing number of Americans are now participating in HSAs---some 26.3 million, up from just 1.5 million in 2005

  • Only 6% of HSA accounts are being used to maximize their earnings potential

  • Contributions are 100% tax deductible for Federal; a 25% Income Tax Rate would save an individual $887 a year

  • Growth on gains @10 % in a mutual fund over 20 Years contributing annual max grows to $226,000 for an individual

  • Growth on gains @10 % in a mutual...


At Cherry Creek Health Insurance Specialist our greatest strength, the thing that "separates us from the pack" is our network of exclusive partnerships, the largest of which is with Healthcare Solutions Team. Read on to find out why we chose HST and how YOU can JOIN A MOVEMENT TODAY!

At Healthcare Solutions Team, our agents are the bedrock of our business. As such, we take our time to select the finest agents, train them, and it is a guarantee that our agents are among the best in the country. We also provide a conducive working environment, which increases our agents’ productivity.

What Sets Healthcare Solutions Team Agents Above the Rest

As a leading source of insurance information and insurance sales with a countrywide coverage, HST takes its time to train and maintain high ranking insurance agents. Here is what places HST agents on a pedestal:

Our Agents Help Clients Find Customized Policies

The Healthcare Solutions Team understands that insurance as a concept can be challenging to understand for many. When clients do not comprehend what their...


Is Limited Medical Insurance What You’re Looking For?

Shopping for a medical insurance plan can be a daunting and overwhelming process for anyone. And different factors can cause the plan you want to be more expensive and make you ineligible altogether. There are various medical plans designed to meet different needs depending on what you’re looking for. If the reasons you’re considering limited medical insurance plan is among the following, then you’re in luck, keep reading.

  • You’re self-employed
  • You’re between jobs
  • You recently got laid off
  • You frequently travel out of network
  • You missed out open enrollment for an ACA plan
  • You recently lost your health coverage
  • You’re leaving parent’s health insurance

What Is Limited Medical Insurance?

This is supplementary health insurance that helps you cover the out-of-pocket expenses. It pays you fixed benefits that help with everyday medical expenses. Limited medical plans can help you ease the financial burden off you and your family.

How Does Limited...


When planning for the future, many people think of education, promotions, starting a business, or building a family home. Whereas these are all good life goals, they’re not the most valuable investment you can make. Good health is a gift that most take for granted.

Good health is what enables you to achieve all your other goals. This is why the biggest investment you can make is towards your health. Watching your diet, exercising, and getting enough rest are the most reliable ways of safeguarding your health. However, even if you take such measures, there’s still a risk of falling sick or being involved in an accident.

One of the biggest flaws of the US healthcare system is the cost involved. Not unless you have cash reserves available to cater to medical emergencies, the best way to protect yourself and those you love is through insurance. Unfortunately, data from a recent survey suggests that...


Don’t shop from a search engine

If you Google “affordable health insurance,” you’ll see sites that promise instant quotes. Stay away from them. It’s impossible to tell which ones are legit, and you run the risk of getting a call from a telemarketer pushing junk. “Few licensed health insurance companies market to consumers in this way and even fewer sell directly to consumers,” says Mila Kofman, a research professor at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute and former superintendent of insurance in Maine.

Don’t respond to flyers on telephone poles, faxes, robo-calls, or late-night infomercials

Look up real plans at

On this federal website you can search for all legitimate licensed health plans sold to individuals in your state. But you can’t buy a plan directly from the site. (If you live in Massachusetts, the one state that already mandates health insurance for all residents, you can buy directly from its online health exchange, As of 2014, all states will...